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Don’t Die before Death


Don’t Die before Death


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Don't Die before Death is a sensitive story that deals with phobia. Deepak, a highly qualified software professional, a tough corporate survivor, suspects he has contracted HIV/AIDS. Petrified by the social stigma of testing positive, he refuses to get himself tested: a simple test which could clear his doubts. He continues to live or rather die with the fear of having AIDS.The myth, ignorance and fear turn him into a Schizophrenic. Deepak braves worse night mares in his attempt to discover the truth, travelling back to Shillong, which he was forced to leave five years ago, in an elusive search of Spility, who was in love with him. The meeting does not happen; instead, the story takes a weird twist, as he is abducted and transported across the border. Why did Deepak leave Shillong? What is the connection between Shillong, Spility, HIV/AIDS and the abductors? Did he manage to escape from the abductors and finally meet Spility? Did he manage to overcome his worst fears? What is the fate of the guilt ridden, corporate survivor...?

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