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Romantic Resonance


Romantic Resonance


Isn't love controversial? While some people swim in its ocean, there are some who drown even in shallow waters.  You know how it feels to 'be in love', don't you? Some may have expressed it, some may be waiting for the right time to say it, some may be in a blissful relation, some may have suffered pain - whatever be the state - the love bug has surely bitten you.  The shy and sensitive Arya feels that 'perfect love' exists only in romantic novels and bollywood. She is heartbroken when the person who made her believe in love leaves her 'just like that'. Her quest for love takes her to a new level of self-realization. She decides to follow her heart and gives love a second chance. WILL ARYA'S BELIEF IN LOVE RESONATE WITH HIS FEELINGS FOR HER?

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