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For The Sake Of It


For The Sake Of It


Sunny Ahuja tells it like it is - the story of his life, to fill up the hours of aimless palaver just a few nights before his convocation ceremony, at one of the country's premier B-school in a crapulent state of mind. An account on Annie, who along with being his childhood friend has always been a Good Samaritan to him. But lately Annie has a crush on Sunny, and just hours before her disclosure, Sunny has just got hooked up with his voluptuous office colleague, Neha Rawat. An account on how he goes along with both of them. But, in the process of chronicling the entire version to his friends, in the intoxicated state, he doesn't become conscious of the fact that he is stripping up his secrets one after the other - the secrets which can drastically narrow down the number of guests on his funeral. For the Sake of It is a tragicomedy debut novel, a polemic against social poignant issues, written by a youth to transfigure the youth. It is a sine qua non for those who are in love, been in love, or lost in love.
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