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A story about the return journey of a man on foot from Kedarnath temple at 12,000 ft altitude in stormy weather. While covering the 14- kilometre journey a do or die situation arises towards the last lap, and death seems just a few steps away! - Driver Prakash is an uneducated but a very innocent driver, who in his effort to learn English and please his boss, provides some hilarious moments. - A 17 year old boy struggles to fulfil his parent's dream. The fear of failure pushes him to a corner to suffer alone in silence. He survives to narrate the incident 30 years later. - Certain incidents occur which do not have logical explanations and we term them as mere coincidences. Yet some of these incidents refuse to get erased from our memory and constantly prick our mind forcing us to ponder about them. These are beyond explanation! - Two successful and competing executives from an oilfield company take different approaches for growth of their careers. One wins, the other loses. Who is the real winner in true sense of life? - To kill time, a group of students decides to do something naughty with a bottle gourd. Little do they realize that all hell will break loose out of their fun. Chandan Kumar Pathak, in "Footprints", has offered a collection of 18 stories of varied tastes to the readers. These are a mixture of real life incidents and fictions which readers will be able to relate to easily.
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