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Endless Life

Endless Life


"ENDLESS LIFE portrays a woman’s search for love and meaning in an increasingly complex world. Written in lyrical prose, the story transports the reader to a variety of locales, from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., to the opulent mansions of New Delhi, to exotic beaches of Goa, and to the centuries-old villages of the Indian countryside. The story traces events in the life of Malti, a sensitive, emotionally vulnerable, and tradition bound young girl, who grows up to be a tough, independent, and resourceful woman fighting for socially sensitive issues like girls’ education, while coping with a heart-rending tragic loss in her own life.In Malti’s own words, “Life is a flow; it’s a continuum. Nothing really goes away. We continue to live despite all the hardships and tragedies. We plan new things, always expecting to see better days in the future. We never stop dreaming.” It is this act of not stopping to dream that makes life “endless.”"
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