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Briars in the backpack


Briars in the backpack


“Briars In The Backpack,” is not for people who take life too seriously. Neither is it for those biological grownups, which still represent and firmly believe in-‘Fold your arms, finger on lip’s culture. This book is useless for those that in the name of etiquette or good manners, painstakingly keep a grim face in all circumstances and conditions. This book will offer no respite to people whose life’s only mission statement is – Oh..Ah…Ouch….! To those who hate laughing out loud in fear of crumpling their meticulously starched facial muscles, this book is of null value. If you have read this far, this book is exclusively meant for readers like you, who have preserved a children innocence throughout life, and will be able to identify with this intimate collection of simple daily reflections. Humorous, grave, modest, or macabre, yet, they fully capture the basic essence of human life in various hues. “Briars In The Backpack” touches upon five distinct themes, with a common cause, eventually, culminating into an extrinsic whole, capturing the very essence of human life – A sum total of everyday living. ‘Pangs of progress.’ – succinctly capture the changing face of rural India, against the backdrop of LPG – Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. ‘To sir, with love’ – roams in the wilderness of educational institutions, lamenting the lost glean and glitter of the revered profession. ‘Faith recycled’ – portrays the age-old conflict between faith and atheism, most human beings area confronted with. ‘An extra mint’ – silently peeps into our real self and the superimposed, super-publicized self-image.’ Remix mummy’ – is a hilarious saga of bone tickling anecdotes wherein the author’s imagination is stretched beyond the elastic limits.

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