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LeMonk, (born 1971), is a professional teacher for over two decades. He started writing as a kid and has written a number of poems and short stories. However, it was his elder daughter Yashashree’s interest in writing that awakened the writer in him and he, once again, attempted to revive the stories and poems written by him. A teacher for the past twenty-two years, his interaction with thousands of children has enabled him to know their minds and psyche. His intention is to make a good impact on their minds and awaken their conscience using these short stories and poems. He is also simultaneously penning down two science fiction novels, both meant for children. Yashashree Uchil, (born 1999), is studying in grade ten in Mumbai. She started exhibiting her talent for writing from the tender age of three when she started twisting nursery rhymes and creating some of her own. Over the years, encouraged by her parents, teachers and school Principal she began to write serious poems on various topics. Some of her poems are way above the level of thinking of a 15-year-old. Her recent poem, “If I were granted one wish . . .” expressing the plight of women in India, in the backdrop of the Delhi event (Nirbhaya case) is one such example. Yashashree won the Hindustan Times Scholarship award in 2013, when she was in grade eight, and has been featured in the Hindustan Times. “Yashu,” as she is known to her friends, is passionate about music and began learning music from the tender age of three. She plays four musical instruments. She has passed the All India Gandharva Mahavidyalaya exams (Level 4) in both Harmonium and Vocal and is pursuing her Visharad. She is pursuing guitar and keyboard by qualifying herself in the exams conducted by London School of Music.

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