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The School Ghost


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A Child’s imagination is an ocean of creativity. It transcends beyond Time, Space and People. Pancham Yadav’s world of imagination is beautifully transcribed in his imagery of words and ideas. Each story depicts the beautiful portrayal of characters woven brilliantly into a strange enigmatic effect. The illustrations lend an artistic touch to the stories conceived. Dr.Indu Khetaroal, Principal, Salwan Public School, Gurgaon. The new kid, Steve, in Eric’s class is not at all normal. When their school’s accounts room is robbed and the guards are injured, by a mysterious ‘invisible identity’, the school is forced to shut down. Rumours are that there is a ghost lurking around. Eric is observing Steve’s abnormal behaviour and his curiosity plunges him into a case which can only be solved by great insight, meticulous planning and precise reasoning. First of all, is Eric right in suspecting Steve? Is it something else? Can, by any chance,Eric be wrong? Or is there really a mystery that haunts their school? Read on…

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