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CHAMPA The Punjabi Kudi Discovers The Himalayas


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Asha Shankardass

My life’s journey – from Rawalpindi to free India; love of books, drama, music, travel; professional (Co. Secy.); now into Vipassana meditation and writing children’s books.


Champa, a nine-year-old girl lives in a village on the banks of a river in Punjab. The lofty Himalayas rise in the background. Something of a dreamer, she is obsessed with the idea of seeing the world beyond her little village. On a visit to the Baishakhi mela, held during Punjabi New Year, she gets lost and is rescued by the Banjaras, the Indian gypsies. Illustrated with great charm, Champa’s story carries us irresistibly along with her as she travels into the Himalayas, visits exotic places, learns about new people, legends and festivals – and eventually finds her way home again

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