Bulk Purchases

We distribute books across over 100+ Cities in india

Leadstart now offers you tons of added advantages when you directly buy from Leadstart. Simply write to us at sales@leadstartcorp.com.

Bulk Discounts: Get trade level discounts on your bulk book purchase operating from the convenience of your home. For purchase amounts exceeding 20 units / books take home a trade like bulk discount, along with free home delivery.

Branding Options: For orders of books more than 100 units , Leadstart can brand the book with a company logo or individual’s name. You buy the book at regular prices . The branding / personalisation is free of charge.


Individuals: Whenever you wish to present a thoughtful gift with a personal touch, to your near and dear ones, what could be better than a lovely, personalised book? Whether it be for a child’s birthday and you looking for return gifts, or a wedding, or simply a festive occasion, Leadstart branded books make for an ideal gift.

Corporate: Books in various categories, genres and prices are available with Leadstart. Any title can be branded with your company’s logo to becomes a cherished corporate gift. It is also makes for an enduring, valuable and dignified gift for retirees, long-service recognition or employee awards.

Libraries/Educational institutions: Schools, colleges, universities or tutorial centres, can consider giving their students books which enhance their skills and make them more complete people. These books will be branded with your institute’s logo.

NGOs: Non-Government Organisations can offer this service at a No-Profit No-Loss basis.

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