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Swapnil Paranjape:
Swapnil is a Biotech post-grad with an MBA degree. A musician at heart, he has always wanted to do things that are out of the box. Despite the hectic schedule of Supply Chain Planning, he holds his guitar very dear. He has a unique perspective of looking at things and believes that dreams are where it all begins. He is an ‘ideator’ in himself, with a brain that comes up with wild, never-before-thought ideas 24*7.

Prajakta Sinai:
Prajakta is a Psychology post-grad with a degree in Counselling Psychology. With her insights on human behaviour and emotion, she hopes to enrich her writing in a way that people can relate to it. Professionally, until recently, she had been in the field of teaching. Teaching, she believes, has taught her many new things, one of them being that everyone should find the courage within themselves to do what they love the most. And as much as she loves teaching, she has now decided to give her writing a fair shot. She's now running a creative platform - 'storywaale.com'

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