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I, Srishti Jaitwani, 25, have been born, brought up and married in Ludhiana, Punjab. In this little corner of the world, everybody believes to be in a clover, so there is never a dull moment out here. Punjabis have, in yesteryears, endured a lot of unwanted infliction, but they wriggled out of it with undeterred spirit. It is a land of valorous tales, beliefs, extravagant hospitality and unflinching love. I owe this hedonic outlook toward life to my Punjabi roots. Punjab’s soil has nurtured many great poets and artists; this book is a testimony to all of them.
I am a true blue educationist by disposition and just cannot emphasize enough on its power. For me, education goes way beyond collecting degrees – it is for me, synonymous with awareness. Awareness of what is happening around you as well as what is happening inside you.
To the farthest that my capacity allows, I would radicalize my peers into cultivating the habit of reading and synthesizing as a staple in their routine. It really stretches the brain, for the better.
Knowing alone, however, can’t suffice, given the huge influx of information readily available at the drop of a hat in today’s day and age. Knowledge of where to put that information to use is actually what constitutes awareness for me, and indoctrinating that ability in young minds is imperative.
Perspective is one thing, which I believe is indispensable for life and I center my perpetual focus toward broadening it. This quest has made me into an avid reader.
I truly believe that in order to take their destined place in the cosmic order, one needs
to strive toward stability in their lives. Shaky grounds can never hail development. I found my stability in my husband, Mr Karan Jaitwani, whohas been a force to reckon with, a force as strong as gravity in my life. My journey from a writer to a poet, I owe wholly to him.
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