Prof. (Col) Shishir Kumar

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Prof. (Col) Shishir Kumar is a career educationist and motivational speaker, first in the Indian Army and then as the Dean and Director Dehradun Institute of Technology (DIT). As an educator, he always shared a unique bond with his students and has been a mentor, teacher and guide to thousands of students over the course of his career.
This is not the first time that the author, Prof. (Col) Shishir Kumar, is involved in imparting knowledge, motivation and inspiration to the youth for their betterment. Derived from his extensive experience, each message that is delivered by him, by way of talks or with his writings, have influenced the lives of many young people. Needless to say, he has a great number of admirers and followers.
During his 30 years tenure in the Indian Army, he spent more than 17 years as the Chief Instructor, Instructor, Director, HoD and Dean in various Category ‘A’ institutions of the Indian Army. He has also been the Director of Academic Administration of DIT University in Dehradun for 12 years.
His dedication to education and the well-being of the youth of the nation is apparent from the various awards and achievements he has earned. One of his greatest achievements was when he overlooked the training and placement of 3500 students at DIT University where he was the Dean and Director of Academics and was successful in raising the placement percentage to 90%.
This book talks about his experiences over 42 years of being a teacher, mentor and guide. He hopes that with this book he will be able to inspire and guide the youth of today especially those who find themselves struggling to get a job.
This book is a product of his deep empathy and understanding for the students and youth of today with whom Prof. (Col) Shishir Kumar has spent a large part of his life. He sincerely wishes that they are all able to achieve their dreams.

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