Dr. Usha Sridhar

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Dr. Usha Sridhar is an independent Network Science researcher and resides in Bangalore. Graduating with a PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, India, Usha spent several decades as a researcher in India and overseas and many years as an entrepreneur exploring applications intersecting economics, social networks, learning systems and analytics.
Usha is passionate about poetry and short stories. She loves to observe the ebb and flow of life around her and weave them into tales and verses at times. The characters in her work hence have an earthy rootedness in a local milieu, but she often endows them a sensitive strength to defy traditional gender prototypes. Many of her works try to give voice to the travails, rising inner aspirations, unspoken fears, and simple joys of women in a diversity of settings.
Her poems and short story contributions have appeared in Rate my Literature, Muse India, Spillwords and Efiction India. Her work has also appeared in several anthologies. She is the author of four books: three collections of poems titled Life Matters; Drenched in Reverie, Heightened Senses and a collection of short stories titled Women’s Corner.
At a personal level, Usha loves travelling, is an avid bird watcher and an amateur photographer.

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