Dr. Sheelwant Patel

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Dr. Sheelwant Patel, pen name P. Sheelwant, has been an insurance seller, a forester, an
environmentalist, and a researcher. He has authored two books – one on soil-environment
conservation and the other on medicines from trees. He has climbed the Himalayas, stalked
killer elephants in jungles, and halted in many a haunted halting house in the hilly Himalayan
wilderness. He has come across many an apparition, later to be found out to be funny aural
hallucinations. Yet, he can’t stop his hair from rising at their ends if he bumps in close proximity
of a wall lizard!
A docudrama based on his narrative about a devout Muslim’s intense love for elephant, a living
deity of Hindus, has won a national award for the best documentary on environment
He lives in Mumbai with his wife and two extraordinary kids, now grownup, one an animator
and the other a film maker.

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