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A. C. Raja (1936-2010) of Ambujavilasom Bungalow in Thiruvananthapuram city authored altogether forty-five books. His works include novels, history, philosophy, translations and religion. A scholar has classified his works for research purpose into Spiritual, Yogic and Earthly. Apart from leading the life of a householder, Raja achieved the highest pinnacle of supreme spirituality through meditation and yoga. After retiring from the Department of Revenue of The Government of Kerala, he plunged himself into literary activities and brought out several works reflecting the harsh realities of the civilised society. The novel depicts the life of cannibals who once masqueraded as sages in Thiruvananthapuram and followed evil practices. This masterpiece work of A. C. Raja unveils some perceptions among people regarding rituals. It is a blend of history, religion and spirituality.

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