Gabriati Rise of the Preceptor

By Sreyus Palliyani

“GABRIATI – The Legendary Preceptor and the deadliest assassin of the cloak is the only thing that stands between humanity and the greatest threat to our existence.

As blood is spilled in God’s name, Gabriati – the lone warrior rises against all odds.

The question is – Is he the greatest saviour or the greatest traitor of the ancient Brotherhood?”

Sreyus Palliyani
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"Sreyus Palliyani, an Indian by origin was born in Saudi Arabia and raised across the Middle East. Born second in a family of two brothers, Sreyus was always the artistic kind immensely drawn towards customs, traditions and myths. However, logical and rational reasoning was pivotal for him to accept any of it. His upbringing in a family, where both superstitions and rebellious challenging of the same coexisted with the same fervour, contributed to him detesting irrationality in the name of the divine; and yet, be a firm believer. He graduated from the Government Engineering College, Thrissur and later obtained his Masters from the National University of Singapore, where he also works as a Research Engineer. Right from an early age he loved travelling, meeting new people and debating philosophies. At the age of 23, his debut novel; Gabriati, in many ways is a reflection of his persistent pursuit to delineate the thin line between faith and fanaticism."