Fresh Cure Bereft

Cure Bereft

By Aryan Poonacha

Jack Reach is a reputed scientist working on a revolutionary project with equally destructive and beneficial implications, for which he finds himself caught in a power struggle. When disaster strikes, Jack is lured out of safety, and he is forced to face situations where he can only do as he is said, or face world-changing consequences. In his worst enemies he finds trust and protection, and in his darkest hours, he finds solace in the most unlikely of allies.

‘Cure Bereft’ is a story of how a man inclined to do good, faces obstacles set by men too thirsty for power and gain. It tells a tale of how too often, a lust for power hinders a will to better the world. It blends unique science fiction ideas with stable thriller elements to create a breakneck-paced high octane thriller.

Fresh Cure Bereft
Aryan Poonacha
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The author is a voracious reader, a passionate writer and has developed a love for literature since a very young age. Combined with a keen scientific interest and zeal towards robotics, he strives to engage and excite audiences in the years ahead.