The Extra Marital Affair

By Dr Aashish Sawhney

Ahaan – talented, handsome man passes through crushes, heart breaks in college life, finally settles for beautiful, loving wife and a successful career. After 8 years of marriage, he falls for his colleague and life takes a steep turn…  Nisha – beautiful, sensitive woman gets another heart break-with a married man. She meets her life mate and settles. One day she comes to know about her hubby’s affair and life for her does not remain the same…  Kashish – beautiful, ambitious woman is a victim of a bad marriage. Her husband cheats her 6 times and she forgives. Time passes, she starts liking her married boss. Both fall in love but then…  What is written in the fate of the 3?  Will Ahaan marry his team mate whom he loves but to lose everything or compromise with his wife? How Nisha and Kashish react to situations?  A story of betrayal, love, strong but complex human emotions.

Dr Aashish Sawhney
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Dr Aashish Sawhney is a PhD in Management. He worked with companies like Idea, Vodafone and Reliance Communications at middle management level. Aashish grew up in Meerut, spent a significant amount of time in various parts of India, especially the East (Kolkata, Guwahati and Bhubaneswar). Besides writing, Aashish enjoys theatre, calligraphy, palmistry, bike excursions, rock climbing, gym, song writing and playing guitar. He is also fond of travelling to newer places. Aashish can be reached at aashish.sawhney9@yahoo.com. More information about him can be found on ww.aashishsawhney.com