Mr.Right A journey towards him

By Shweta Brijpuria

“It’s the supreme power that decides the one made for you; all you do is create a deep desire of how you want him to be. They call him your soul-mate, but souls are meant to be set free. We all basically look for a mind-mate.

It hints us, brings him in front of us and sends us those positive signals. But when it comes to love we allow our heart to take the final decision, not allowing the mind to play its due role. From there on begins a journey of conflict, misinterpretations and misunderstandings. Mr Right is either missed or mistaken for Mr Wrong.

Nisha Chandra, a strong headed girl, is lost in the same dilemma. Every time she meets a guy, she ends up realising that he is Mr Wrong. The conflict between her heart and mind goes on until she decides to go for a blind marriage. And then unfolds a dramatic journey towards her perceived Mr Right.”

Shweta Brijpuria
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"A poet at heart and marketer by profession, Shweta Brijpuria is a hard core Bhopali. As eldest sibling in her family, she enjoys the role of ‘didi’ even outside home. She is known in the family for doing things she once feared. Having worked as a marketer with many brands, she believes the first step towards creating something is to believe in one’s ability to create and then working towards it. People travel places; she travels brands, connects with them, nurtures them and grows with them."