In Love: With a Best Selling Author

By Riddhi Dedhia

What will be your situation when the author about whom you are crazy asks you out for a date?? What will be your situation when you realize that you are actually in love with your fan?? What can happen when a fan gets into a relationship with her dream author?? Do you believe in destiny?? Lost in the thoughts of your fans?? OR Lost in the thoughts of your most loved authors?? Well for now come let’s get lost in the story of Sameer (Bestselling Author) and Riya (Fan of Sameer).

Riddhi Dedhia
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Riddhi Dedhia is a student of the Masters of Arts in Philosophy and has a deep interest in Indian Philosophy and Shaivism. Her profound faith in Lord Shiva is encouraging her to complete her research in Shaivism. Getting into writing fiction novel is just a matter of coincidence for her and further she is looking forward to enhance her interest in fiction. Born and brought up in Mumbai, she has all the traits of a typical Mumbaikar.