With Blue Ink Of The Oceans

By Anu Joshy

“Like a matured painter who is very particular in choosing the right and profound colours to draw a masterpiece, Anu has exhibited abundance of talent as a conscious artist in choosing the right words and putting them at the right place in her compositions for effectively creating the magic of lovely poetic creations”- R. K. Das, Director, Rajya Sabha, Parliament of India (‘Of The Lesser Known’)
“Anu has good talent, command and control of words and has fruitful imagination. The poetess appears to be a sensitive soul which reminds us of the old saying, ‘the heart has its own reasons that the head cannot understand”- Dr. Alexander Jacod, I.P.S (‘When My Heart Speaks”)

Anu Joshy’s poetry stands out for its universal appeal with great depth of thought, sensitivity to issues, power of expressions and refreshing honesty. It is captivating to see how she entraps the delicate emotions of the human heart and the nuances of relationships in her poems. Her identity and perception as a woman stands out stark in her poetry. Her third collection of poems ‘With Blue Ink of the Oceans’ is a candid mirror that she holds against her soul and the society. The beauty of her poetry lies in the truth that in that mirror we can see our own reflections.

Anu Joshy
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Anu Joshy is one of India’s upcoming English poets. Her first anthology, ‘When My Heart Speaks’, came out in 2008 and was followed by ‘Of The Lesser Known’ in 2011. She has won various literary awards and prizes such as The Challenge Memorial Award for English Poetry 2011, The Young Creative Talent Award by NIPM 2008, and the Saarang short story writing competition 2010, and has read her poems on All India Radio multiple times. She graduated with a Masters in English Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2014. Readers’ suggestions may be communicated to anujoshy5@gmail.com