Come Rhyme With Me

By Mary Kunte

“Written in simple rhyme, the poems touch upon emotions, nature and imaginative situations.

Other styles of poetry also have a place in the book: Acrostic, Rictameter, Haiku and Onomatopoeia.

The first letter of each new line when put together forms a word/name. This is Acrostic; but the poet has also written the poem in rhyme.

In Rictameter style, the poem has a diamond shaped look, as it is written in a certain number of syllables per line, in ascending and descending orders.

Haiku poetry is a thought or a scene expressed in just three lines.

Onomatopoeia is a poem in which sounds are expressed in words.

The Songs section includes a patriotic poem, Jai Hind My India, and three children’s poems, Lullaby, A Child’s Song and My Little Airplane.

This book of poems is sure to keep the reader enthralled.”

Mary Kunte
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"Mary Kunte hails from Mumbai, India, and has worked with India’s leading bank.. Taking time off from her daily chores and the demands of her official duties, she acquired a keen interest in reading novels, periodicals and articles on various topics. She also enjoys good music and composing songs has been her favourite pastime. This led her to compile a CD titled The Lord Leads Me, the lyrics and music of which were a spontaneous expression of her mind and heart. She also took up writing poetry, the first one being A Lullaby, which she wrote for her granddaughter, followed by two poems inspired by nature: Nature’s Night Lamp and The Elements of Nature. Over the years she has written quite a few poems for all age groups. Apart from verse and rhyme, she has also written different styles of poetry: Acrostic, Rictameter, Onomatopoeia and Haiku."