The Scandals, Candles and Sandals

By Dr. Lokendra Singh

Written over a period of time, in between his busy schedule, The Scandals, Candles and Sandals is an eclectic collection of short write-ups by Dr. Lokendra Singh, a practicing neurosurgeon by profession. His creative impulses have tackled multifarious subjects and will take the readers across different geographies, epochs, and subjects and give them a serious, oftentimes humorous, insight into different facets of the contemporary human condition. The author’s observations are wide ranging — from mythology to the technological advance of industrialised societies, the art of gifting to the analysis of tears, cocktails to noise pollution, twice born to twice dead, human bonsai to where the jungle is – which will surely keep the reader enthralled and entertained. The write-ups are precise, and hit the target like a guided missile. The language is simple and colloquial. Many write-ups end with verses or small poems which enhance the flavour of the subject thus making it an enjoyable reading.

Dr. Lokendra Singh
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Lokendra Singh is a practicing neurosurgeon trained exten­sively in India and abroad in countries like UK, USA, France, Japan, Italy and Brazil. Presently he is working as a Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon and Deputy Director of a busy neurosciences institute at Nagpur. He is married and has two daughters: Noopur, a dentist, and Surabhi, an architect. Madhu, his wife, is a dress designer by profession and runs a successful boutique. His passions include writing prose in English, poetry in Hindi, stage and travelling. Dr. Singh is recipient of Maharashtra Hindi Sahitya Academy award for his anthology of Hindi poems. An English fiction written by him, a medical crime story is also under publication. He has many internationally published neurosurgical techniques to his cred­it and is the recipient of two national patents for invention of neurosurgical devices. He is an invited national faculty and a resource person in most of the national conferences in the field of neurosurgery. He is available on Facebook and LinkedIn.