No Crystal Stair

By Ambika Sirkar

A divorced mother with a son, Kaveri remarries and has a child with her new husband. The son, Kartik, from the previous marriage, remains close with his mother but is distant and unattached to his stepfather. Kaveri feels a sense of guilt for the muddled relationship between stepfather and son. It becomes her life work to keep peace. As Kartik grows into a fine young man with a caring attitude and passionate character, Kaveri wishes for him what she never had… a happy and fulfilling life. She encourages Kartik to find love and marriage. Kaveri’s life takes a different path when she is diagnosed with a fatal illness. How will her loved ones handle the sickness? For the first time in her life will Kaveri find peace – a silver of happiness during her final days? Well, sometimes a traumatic event brings harmony. The novel explores the enduring love of a son for his mother, a subject rarely dealt with in the Marathi language after the iconic Shyamchi Aai, pubished in the 1930s.

Ambika Sirkar
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Ambika Sikar has published two novels and two collections of short stories. Both the novels and one short story collection have received the Maharashtra State Government Awards for the best work in the respective years. The present novel, originally published in the Marathi, additionally received the Marathi Sahitya Parishad Award. It was also considered one of the best novels published in the previous ten years by the Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha and was translated and published into the Hindi, too. She has translated famous novels like Bernard Schlink’s The Reader and Antoine De Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince. Ambika has translated Buddhist texts like The Bodhisatva Ideal and other works by Sangharakshita. She has also written a book on Economics. A collection of short stories as well as two more translations are to be published shortly. Ambika can be contacted at arsirkar@gmail.com