The Story of the Dead

By A C Raja Tra nslatated by Rajeev Nair N V

“The novel takes its plot from the usually unnoticed cremation ground that is located at the centre of a thickly-populated city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. A story weaved within a story, The Story of the Dead is a simple narrative where the wise Ollu gives voice to the silenced– to those individuals who were not strong enough to fight their own battles against corruption, social discrimination, and several other evil practises. The author beautifully manages to throw some light on the essential values of life and provide a brief insight into the basic principles of the Hindu philosophy. The Story of the Dead, which stems from the spiritual aura of Shri A. C. Raja, raises a new platform for Malayalam literature.”

A C Raja Tra nslatated by Rajeev Nair N V
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"A.C. Raja (1936-2010) was a Malayalam author and a spiritual yogi. After retiring from a senior position in the Department of Revenue of the Government of Kerala, he engaged himself in activities such as writing, holding spiritual sessions, and teaching the Holy Scriptures. He has authored altogether 45 books which can be classified into various genres such as fiction, historical memoirs, translations, philosophy and religion. Some of his famous works include Shikyam (Thurible), Dathrikutti Ezuthunnu (Biography of Dathrikutty), Samaveda, Bhagavat Gita, and Oru Sadhakante Diarikuruppukal (Diary Entries of a Sage). His books mostly reflect the harsh realities of the civilised society. A. C. Raja achieved the highest pinnacle of supreme spirituality through meditation and yoga. The Story of the Dead is a perfect blend of philosophy and social issues. As a long narrative recounted by the wise owl Ollu, it acquaints us with some of the evil conducts of the people leading to the death of the innocent people. It also throws some light onto the evil practices that are followed after the death of an individual. The Story of the Dead also provides the reader an insight about the people’s perception regarding these rituals. Rajeev Nair N V[translator] is the disciple of Shri A. C. Raja."