The Ramblings

By P.Dinakara Rao

Come take a journey through the circle of life, with the enigmatic poems featured in ‘The Ramblings’. Experience the miracle of creation, the gentle yet wild beauty of nature, the exuberance of youth, the blossoming of young  love, a journey of self-discovery, and the suffering and ultimate freedom brought on by the fragility of human existence. Let the words of the poet wash over you, guide you, and inspire you to look beyond this mortal coil and see life in all its beauty. The poems contained within this anthology are inspired by the extraordinary struggles in the ordinary life of the common man. And it is through the experiences of this common man that the readers will be able to fully understand what it truly means to be human.

P.Dinakara Rao
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Now the Director of Spyn Financial Services Pvt. Ltd., P.Dinakara Rao started his career as a probationary officer in State Bank of Hyderabad. Trained in the field of Behavioural science by ISISD, with a Post Graduate Degree in Applied Economics, his speciality was in Personnel, Human Resource Development, Training and Corporate Credit. His skills gave him the opportunity to work in state banks across the country, on deputations from the State Bank of Hyderabad. He retired as Chief General Manager in the year 2005. After retirement, he worked as the Director of The Alpha Foundation and as Senior Advisor to The Maxwealth Trust associates of ICFAI, Hyderabad. The author is happily married to his childhood sweetheart, Pramila Devi, and is the proud father of two wonderful daughters, Mrs. Sirisha Srikanth and Mrs. Shilpa Sharma. He has also been blessed with three lovely granddaughters - Akanksha, Ananya and Shivani. He wrote his first poem in 2006, titled Buddhahood, after which he continued to write poetry, culminating in the publication of this book, The Ramblings, by Leadstart Publishers. His other hobbies include photography, music (mainly tabla) and martial arts.