The Harbinger:Patchwork

By Neerja Gaurie

A solitary woman (milieu 21st century India … an educated, trendy, modern and apparently free spirited one at that) describes her passage through life by jottings that reflect her moods … travails and happy moments, intricately woven that emerge as ‘patchwork’. A story unravels with a day to day account of life managed and lived while she goes through a tumultuous divorce proceeding. The setting is in sylvan and pristine, forested and mountainous surroundings, a solitary figure leading a soulful solitary life. This could be the story of any woman anywhere

Neerja Gaurie
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The author was educated at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, in the discipline of Foreign Languages and later qualified with masters in History. She has been an educator for over 33 years with a stint as Principal of an Institution in the South. Apart from academics she has dabbled some on stage and is a voracious reader and movie buff. She lives in a little village of Dehradun, India, and leaves it sometimes to be with her two grown up sons and daughter-in-law. Writing is a passion she hopes will remain kindled. She is currently visiting faculty for French and History.