The Adventures & Trials of VIKOTAM

By Vikram Pinto

Vikotam is a naive narcissist who provokes the established order of things in his personal quest for answers. With each new ‘situation’ he gets himself into, he emerges smarter and wiser – or so he thinks. Our story chronicles the ‘coming of age’ of a restless young Vikotam, as he makes his jagged journey through life – from being a naive self-destructive arts student in the U.S.A. to being a vindictive employee and drug mule; to his final transition into being a wannabe ‘know-it-all life-guru’ in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai.

Vikram Pinto
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Vikram Pinto was born in Mumbai, India and currently dwells in ‘the ambiguous.’ His journey as a writer began during adolescence as he turned to the pen for solace and also to try and figure out life’s bigger questions. Through his writings, semi-autobiographical in nature, he reminisces fondly and captures the nostalgic moment, as he explores places and unsafe spaces far and wide. He cherishes perspective over narrative to give the readers an honest glimpse into the world as he knows it.