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By Vineet Singh

After 9/11, Kabir comes back to his hometown of Kolkata from the US, but finds himself unable to come to terms with his dysfunctional family, headed by his authoritarian father. Questions of custom and tradition haunt the young man who seeks to mould himself anew, but nothing seems to work — not his new marriage, not his attempts at business — and he finally follows his cousin Veer to Mumbai only to confront tragedy and the shattering consequences ofa long-kept secret. Told with passion, verve and humour, Stuck! examines cultural norms and expectations among the Punjabi-Sikh community of Kolkata, and asks searching questions of just who and what make us who and what we are. This, in award-winning novelist, Kunal Basu’s words, is “A picaresque journey, seething with raw energy.”

Fresh cover-stuck-31-5-2016
Vineet Singh
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"Vineet Singh, 41, was fascinated with the written word since his childhood in Kolkata. In school, he won accolades for writing skits, plays and acting in them. While undergoing his undergraduate studies in Frostburg State University in America he took to writing poetry and essays and avidly pursued it even when he returned to India for graduate school at S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. After his academic endeavours he chose a career in Corporate India and though he tasted success in the business arena for the next three years and travelled exhaustively, he sorely missed his writing. He quit his job, became the Director of a High School and started writing vigorously. After a dozen short stories and a film script, he started work on his first novel based on the theme of displacement across generations. Presently, he is working on his second novel on unrequited love. He is married, has a ten year old son and lives with his family in Kolkata, India."