Married Virgins!

By Rituparna Deshmukh

“Akira, deeply in love with Usain, dreams to create her beautiful world with him. Raghav, her colleague and best friend, loves her one sided unconditionally. Akira sees her dream world shattering when her parents refuse to give their permission to marry Usain who they think is a psychopath, tainted and useless. Akira tries to make them agree but all her attempts prove to be futile. Usain’s psychotic behaviour made the issue even worse.

When all hopes were lost, she decided to keep her failed love sacred and decided to remain a ‘virgin’ throughout her life. But how would it be possible when she has to marry someone to keep her parents honour? How would her would-be-husband agree not to touch her when ‘sex’ is an integral part of marriage?

She found the solution in Raghav who was her sole companion during all this misery. She proposed marriage to Raghav with a secret celibacy promise; they decided they wouldn’t get intimate with each other after marriage.

The story goes on to explore whether Akira and Raghav manage to stay virgins after marriage without getting intimate.

How they respond to their family when it comes to having a child?

What happens when Akira herself wants to be a mother while keeping the promise intact?
What happens when psycho Usain enters the scene once again knowing their secret?”

Rituparna Deshmukh
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"Born, brought up and graduated in Medicine from the ‘orange city’, Nagpur, Rituparna pursued his professional career in the beautiful city of Dehradun situated near the Himalayas and Ganges. The soothing climate of the city brought out his inner author and he penned down his debut novel Married Virgins. He is a voracious reader and likes to read works from different genres of fiction like romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy and historical. Sexuality is his favourite topic among all. He has now returned to his hometown where he works as a professional medical administrator. He takes time out for his passion of reading and writing. He is currently working on his second novel on sexuality cult."