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Harihara the Legacy of the Scroll

By Nithyau Ramkumar

Harihara, as the name suggests, is a historic fiction that talks about how ancient science and arts have camouflaged in our day—to—day activities. The story revolves around a hamlet in South India in the Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu.

The house hold of Sesha that has been a loof from the native village of Kodathur is suddenly brought back to the village after a series of unprecedented incidents happening in the village and their life, the birth of Sesha’s grandson and an ancient scroll finds its way into Seshala family. As the scroll is unfolded, old secrets are unfolded that could haunt Hari and his sister Poorni, if left untouched. As per the scroll, the elder male child will always have the name Hari and he would possess the scroll. The scroll contains links to ancient secrets by means of the lineage. Poorni along with her brother Hari and the journalist Srikant travel through the South Arcot District and to Harihar to decipher the ancient secrets. As the journey begins, the mystery unfolds and ancient brother hoods become powerful.

Fresh -cover-Harihara the legacy of scroll Option 4d-5x8-10-10-2
Nithyau Ramkumar
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The book Harihara, the Legacy of the Scroll, is the first book of Nithya Ramkumar. She works as a software engineer and is a bookaholic, who refuses to get a cure for her addiction. She blogs when she spares some time from books, Whats App and Facebook. She lives in Bangalore with her husband and her son.