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By Rachna Singh

‘Myriad Musings’ is a charming collection of reflections on varied hues of life. Rachna Singh has woven together different skeins of life in a thought-provoking compilation that amuses, inspires contemplation and at times elicits tears of sorrow. ‘Motley Musings’, the first section, is quirky and fun with its melange of unusual characters-the Rum Guzzlers, Sundari the runaway horse, the enchanting seductress in yellow and many others. ‘Misty Musings’ contemplates the inevitability of loss and paints touching vignettes of the plump and pretty Miss Alice, a traumatized Vasu crippled by the loss of a father, a dedicated violin teacher who has sacrificed his life at the altar of his Muse. ‘Mangled Musings’ is a tongue-in-cheek comment on the ills that have beset our society. ‘Maidenly Musings’ and ‘My Trip Musings’ are factual but fun to read.

Fresh cover-MYRIAD MUSINGS-5x8-23-5-2016
Rachna Singh
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Rachna Singh, is a rare blend of literary passion and creative flamboyance. In pursuit of literary excellence, she won gold medals in her M.A and MPhil English Literature courses and began penning literary columns for newspapers. She was offered a doctoral programme at Cambridge under the aegis of Nehru Cetenary Scholarship. However, a quirk of fate led her to join the Indian Revenue Service instead. The demands of her service could not subdue her literary inclination. She worked on her doctoral thesis on Cinema And fiction and was awarded a Doctorate degree in 2003. A life without creativity was anathema to her, so she started reviewing books and penning colums for the various National Dailies. Myriad Musings is a compilation of her body of work spanning the last five years. She also authored a book , Penny Panache: Piecing the Economic Puzzle, released recently.