Bulls, Bears & the Tortoise

By Manoj K Singh

The simplest approach to understand how money works in our life is to draw a straight line between our income and expenses but even a straight line is made of millions of connected dots. The world of money has become so much interconnected that even a single missing link can leave a big void. This book tries to connect those dots – with the five hundred most basic concepts that help us in understanding the gaps between our knowledge and understanding. From understanding the simple ‘Risk’ to what is known as ‘Risk-Arbitrage’ one can’t truly appreciate the true dangers without understanding ‘Risk-Return Trade-off’. Those who are well versed with the Invisible Hand follow their instincts whereas those who are new to the Earnings-per Share simply follow the money. Bulls and Bears, who are well versed with the workings on the invisible hand of the market, are free to follow their instincts but the tortoise, small investors, have to take a decision only after connecting the dots.


Manoj K Singh
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Manoj K Singh is a full time central banker with a mission to demystify the fear of unknown surrounding money. Manoj wrote a regular weekly column, ‘Real Simple’ with his spouse for ‘MINT’ from April 2007 till March 2010. Manoj has also been a contributing author for Investopedia.com.