Barefoot to Paradise

By Soorina Desai

“The sale of a painting that depicts her childhood home prompts Naintara to dissect various aspects of her life:

The awareness of being, the confusion caused by an inner voice, a necessity to co-exist with people and a desire for love that fills one void but causes a deeper one. The need to earn a livelihood, a passion to create that doesn’t always pay and luck, which holds her ransom till it turns. Also, God who doesn’t help slay her demons, about life that shows an uncanny ability to sort itself out and hope, which if nothing else, doesn’t abandon her side.

This book is about the intriguing path life takes in order to bring one to something as simple as one’s own self.


“I so appreciate Soorina’s thoughtfulness and her many insights about love. And as always, her characterization is remarkable in Barefoot to Paradise.”
Sarah Cypher
Editor, B.A. (Creative Writing), CMU, USA.

“Barefoot to Paradise is brimming with promising characters, ideas and images… Soorina has a good ear for dialogue.”
Marion Urch (Director and Editor in Chief-Adventures in Fiction.)
MA-Royal College of Art (London), UK.”

Soorina Desai
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"Soorina Desai was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She completed her graduation at the University of Mumbai in English Literature and History. Soorina has written several poems and articles, many of which have been nominated for awards by the International Library of Poetry, International Society of Poets etc. A number of her poems have appeared in their publications as well. The poems have also been put up on Indian as well as International websites. She won an award for an article in Femina magazine in the year 2000 and has also written a short story for the same magazine, published (in two parts) in the year 2010. Her maiden novel Anamika was written in the year 2005. It was a story of forbidden love set in the post independence era and was long-listed for the Crossword book awards in the year 2006. The book was reviewed and appreciated in several reputed publications such as The Times of India , The Afternoon, Mumbai Metro, The Week, The Free Press Journal, among others. After Barefoot To Paradise, Soorina’s third novel, Blame It On Destiny is a novel that questions the power of human actions over a mystical force that is believed to control one’s destiny. It is a story of five strangers connected to one another without the knowledge of the impact they have on each other’s lives. Blame It On Destiny has received five star reviews on social as well as print media. Soorina is currently working on her fourth novel titled Birds of the Air. Some of her poems and articles are available on her website - www.soorina.com"