Arjun: Without A Doubt

By Dr.Shinde Sweety

I knew there was nothing poetic about death.
I knew not that the most horrific battles are fought off the battlefield.

Arjun: The idealist in a non-ideal world; the warrior whose deadliest opponent was his conscience.
History forgot his voice, but misquoted his silence.

My self-esteem originates from me and ends in me.
Why does your honor depend on me? Find your own.

Draupadi: The untamed tigress, the fragrant flame, the unbridled spirit.

Power does not justify sin. Power is not virtue.
Virtue is that which lasts in spite of power.

Krishn: The enigma whose unique ideology churned the battlefield into a quest for Truth.

The Missile …The Trajectory … The Vision.
The trio that makes for the core of The Mahabharata (Indian Epic).

This is their saga.
Insightful, visceral and candid.

Find ‘other’ famous Arjuns; compare Arjun vis-a-vis Achilles and Alexander; Explore Myths of Mahabharata.

All this and much more in ‘Arjun: Without A Doubt’.

First published in 2015 by Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Genre: Epic/ Indian Mythology/ History/ Fiction
Website: http://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com

Dr.Shinde Sweety
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The heart can be dissected, the brain can be spliced open, but I love to unravel the mind and emotions. Dr. Shinde Sweety holds a Doctorate in Medicine. Avid Mahabharata fan. Voracious reader. Yoga enthusiast, Student of Spanish and yearns to learn Sanskrit. Skilled at pencil sketch. Loves to daydream and swim. Curious about the Mystic & Mystique. Insane about soulful music. Content to be cocooned in a dream world. Website: http://sweetyshinde.wordpress.com Twitter: drshindes Email: sweetyshinde@hotmail.com