Fresh -cover-The Dawn of the Blue – Deepika Kumaaraguru

ETHEREAL The Dawn of the Blue

By Deepika Kumaaraguru

“Shape-shifting nature wielding unicorns of Saturna live to protect the planet against the wrath of the shape-shifting dragons of Infernorth.

Nashira Jaynes, a girl living with her single mother, encounters a painful night of transformation into one of the unicorns and is channelled to the realm of Saturna by two mysterious girls. New school and friends lighten up her once reclusive personality but at the same time, a threat is at large for the planet as an ancient weapon of the deadly monarch of Infernorth, believed to be disabled, slowly gets activated to consume everything.

With the death of the Unicorn Goddess and the disappearance of the five elemental deities emphasising the danger waiting ahead, Nashira and the unicorns embark on a suicidal quest to get rid of the weapon before it is too late.”

Fresh -cover-The Dawn of the Blue – Deepika Kumaaraguru
Deepika Kumaaraguru
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"Warm salutations to everyone, I am Deepika Ishwarya Kumaaraguru, a content owner of a bachelor’s degree in one of the most fascinating courses to exist, Home Science with Food Bio-Technology. I moved around a lot, both in UK and India, and this lead me to study in twelve schools, the experience which gave me a wonderful lesson. Ethereal was born while staring out of the living room window on a rainy afternoon in 2011 and after I published my debut novel, Dance Dream, in 2014, I took up my dream project by staying home as a full time writer. I am an avid reader with the habit of sleeping next to books, and cannot bear to witness anyone keep poor conditions of them. I also nurture a desire to pet a dolphin or an orca one day, and idolise JK Rowling as well as American country/pop singer Taylor Swift. You can visit Discover Deepika ( to check out my blog, and can get in touch with me at To the divine energy that completes and protects me, I surrender and passionately chant Jai Shree Krishna."