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Big Bappa


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Raj Supe

Kinkar, writer, editor, poet, storyteller and a free spirit.


Big Bappa is an extremely exciting fictional novella in which the author writes in first person, describing himself as an aspiring writer whose Muse has betrayed him; he transports us into the quaint locale of ‘Pen’, to discover from its past, real- life story with the hues of a myth… Vinayak Pandit, a complete rebel, an artist and mystc, sculpts Ganesha idols, depicting them in ways that are as unusual as they are radical. His unconventional methods in the pursult of a unique philosophy giv e a message that imprints on the heart indelibly. He rolled into one. Through the story of this man, the author creates a fresh perspective for the reader to look at idol-worship. The life of Vinalyak is lived in the pain of the pursuit of simple, lofty truth. To read his thrilling journey is like getting the blessing of Lord Ganesha.

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