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Moths and the Mighty Net or The Dharm Vyuh


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Steve Martin, serving a prison term at a correctional facility in New York, is to be let out on parole that morning and by sheer quirk of fate comes in possession of a micro-chip that contains a diabolic scheme to wipe out a race from the Indian sub-continent. The plot thickens as some ordinary people from different geographies are drifted into it to play their focal roles. The young student reporter Siva’s desperate attempts to alert the authorities fall on deaf ears. The story unfolds in Central Manhattan, New York; traverses through Clinton Correctional facility, Bushwick ghetto, Nassau County, and culminates on the ghats of Varanasi, the sacred City of the Dead. The author gives a philosophical twist to our very existence and raises doubts about Siva’s magnificent sacrifice; the dubious roles played by Steve Martin and Dr Kevin Castorfield; (was it all worth it?) discovers that there’s some order even in chaos. Cunning, deceit, failure, hate, betrayal, love, hope, resilience, success, peace … every feeling is what you create in a mind conditioned to feel so. It is all in the mind and this too shall pass.

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