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Tejas: Love is Worship


Tejas: Love is Worship


The sunshine is not strong enough to light the heart. Give me true and lighted morning for once. Years after years, loneliness captures me. Every moment, you are my mystic icon. Survival in meagre veils, yet profound bliss. Completing the journey as we transcend. Tejas is a love story of vibrancy, incapacitated by rough weather of social alienation, yet bold and overwhelmingly conveying. An ecstatic state of fulfillment has glued the lovebirds Nalini and Tejas into an inseparable bond, who are hurdling over the challenges of falling apart. The story runs with inertia and penetrates into the periphery of conflicts and hypocrite stigmas. It escalates to lovely heights, constantly relishes the reader, with an invigorating feel of a cooling sensation, which one experiences after walking on blistering, hot, and parched land. The writer attempts to offer a simple love story based on a wise repertoire of experience. The author of a poetry booked titled “Enigma,” now brings you a romance fiction, “Tejas – Love is Worship.”

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