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Law of Jiluk 2


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Inba Vignesh

All the prejudices that come with being a creator don't hold true to me. I am just a boy-next-door with a very big dream of becoming a storyteller someday.


“Everything was fine in the company of Subin, Sarath and Gowri – the cricketing rivalry, Sunday feasts, afternoon gupshups, porno fantasy, running after girls down the streets of Wellington, and samosa snacking. But all of a sudden the whole world seemed upside down to Inba.

He was no more the same. The cricketer inside him had given the walkover. He no longer had an appetite. He was not all that excited about his friends’ world anymore. Even the Kamasutra had no impact on him. At every instant he felt that he was only physically present, but mentally absent. He tried very hard to find only the truth: that he had been lost in her thoughts.

It is she who occupied his world in the beginning, and later became his life. Will he ever find out this truth?

Welcome to Law of Jiluk 2, sequel to the bestselling Law of Jiluk – Jiluk is the only inspiration.

By the way … what is Jiluk?

The quest continues…

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