Dimensions: 5.5" x 8"
Weight: 302
No. of pages: 84

A Pair of Sad Eyes and a Sunflower Smile

A Pair of Sad Eyes and a Sunflower Smile


Romance blooms, blossoms, withers, and sometimes blooms again in colleges. Most of us have experienced this at least once and at times maybe more than once. Ashoy’s story also treads on a similar path but for him it lasts lifelong. In the years they spent together it got ‘complicated’ and when their life took them on separate paths, it got even more complicated. Given a second chance, a chance to undo their twisted relationship, a mêlée of situations contributed by occurrence of the bad guy, the other girl, a stern father, loving mother, unfulfilled ambitions and all those things which makes life - life, affects theirs also and HOW! ‘A Pair of Sad Eyes and a Sunflower Smile’, is a journey through Ashoy’s life, his relationships, and his love for Shorbani.
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