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14th February is Valentine’s Day – a day dedicated for love. Love creates life, sustains life and transforms life and one has to experience all this, without which life has no meaning. The protogonist of this story, Sanjay, is the only son of a middle-class family in Chennai. He is studious and intelligent and is living a dream life, topping in his board examinations, studying at IIT and getting to the magical paradise of America for a bright future. The only thing that has eluded him in this journey is true love, for which he craves and when he thinks he has met the woman of his dreams and he has everything in life, his world collapses, as he is condemned as an introvert, predictable and a boring guy and his partner leaves him. That changes his life forever and he becomes depressed. He heads back to his hometown, a decision that makes him understand the tough realities of life. Now having returned from America, Sanjay finds himself mercilessly condemned and ridiculed by his own fellowmen. The mentality of the people pushes him into further depression and he becomes a recluse. That’s when an angel walks into his life, transforms him and leads him to all the good things in life. He falls in love and on Valentine’s Day, as he waits for his angel, he realises the value of this true love, the love that will last forever…

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