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Rhythm of Love


Rhythm of Love


Inspired by true life incidents.” Everyone has a heart, an organ which pumps blood. For most heads, it beats 72 times a minute but for a very few, it beats, beats and beats, the count becomes meaningless the moment you feel the ‘Rhythm is not yours’. You are mesmerized!!! And when I say you cannot die at will. I mean it. God decides your day. Dorji is in love with Angel. Destiny writes their fate to meet in college. Dorji is ready to take his chances but when chances are for glances, you deserve to be in trouble. This is the story of Dorji - a warrior. This is his journey of falling in love and adoring love intricately entwining college, friendship, drugs and passion for love. Will Dorji succeed in his quest for Angel? Can honest endeavour unfold the path to glory and the difference between loving and being loved? Will his dream meet his desires? This is a story from ‘The Land of Thunder Dragon’ Bhutan. The chase of Dorji is on, Lub Dub, Lub Dub!!!

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