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Yugantar: The Dream of Bharatavarsha Takes Shape 2300 Years Ago


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Raghavan Srinivasan

Author, social activist, political commentator


The fourth century BCE is full of dangers and opportunities. Old republics are giving way to empires and cities. ‘Naastik’ sects are challenging the established varna system. The intellectual life of India is bristling like new shoots after the monsoon. The domination of the Kshatriyas and the Brahmanas is being challenged. State power is up for grabs. And the Macedonians are at the gates!

Most people believe that Bharatavarsha is only a dream. But not the Yugantar, a brotherhood of the wisest and most selfless thinkers of ancient India.

Interesting turn of events bring ordinary people from different parts of the subcontinent into the fold of the Yugantar — a rebel blacksmith from Ujjayini, a Siddha doctor from Madurai; a doughty mariner from Muziris; a trader from Pataliputra and a widow nun from Kaushambi.

They represent a microcosm of the sub-continent. Each of them is drawn towards the Yugantar by a strange turn of events. Each has a prowess which the Yugantar can mould into a formidable force. They converge in Takshashila, the centre of learning and transformation. This is the story of how their wit and determination contribute to a united Bharatavarsha.

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