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Anuradha Prasad

I am an artist, columnist, academician an author and a fitness buff. I am a dreamer. I believe that any dream that is small is not a dream at all. So, sometimes I drive myself crazy in the feverish goal fulfilling agendas and my family has to bear the brunt of it. I must do everything hands-on till I am…


A home, a great partner, motherhood, and a thriving business. Everybody saw her perfect existence!

What they missed was the survivalist side to her that hid a terrible truth. A dark secret that threatened to raise its ugly head, every day, whether she tried facing it or forgetting it; It challenged everything she was or ever believed in.

If she gets too close to it, it has the power to destroy her; bring out the primal feelings of inadequacy, that was entrenched deeply into her subconscious, slowly eroding her self-worth. However, sometimes there is no escape but to storm through the storm! She might not survive the fallout, nevertheless, Neha lives her life wanting, praying, and waiting for the redemption that every human, every parent survives on.

Unexpected are the ways of life!

She comes back full circle to face the darkness alone …for one last time. Will she walk through it and come out on the other end victorious? Will she survive the experience? What will she find at the end of that journey?

On the backdrop of thrilling adventure, with many a twists and turns, Neha’s story connects us to ourselves, to make us crave for more and appreciate what we have and to ponder over loss!

A story that talks of the hand of karma in human effort that culminates into Neha’s destiny!

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5" x 8"


200 Grams



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