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The World as an Indian Sees It-I What Makes Islamic Turkey Different from Islamist Saudi Arabia


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I travel, therefore I am – apologies to Descartes for twisting his noble thought. This is how M.P. Probhakaran explains his passion for travel. In terms of academic qualifications, he has a Ph. D. in Political Science from a prestigious university in America. But his greatest learning experience came not from academe, he us through the pages of this book. He takes us on an international, cross- cultural journey and introduces us to the geopolitical, historical and cultural landscapes of such distant and exotic places as Argentina, Brazil, China, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Germany and Norway. He narrates in fine English prose the scenic beauty of some of those places and personal stories of people, he projects among them the real image of India- the image of a country which, in spite of being multi-religious, multiethnic and multicultural, has remained intact as one political entity and become the most vibrant democracy in the world.

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