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The First Time


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Pawas Jain

Entrepreneur (CEO of The TBC Group) / Author / Chartered Accountant


Mounting investor pressure, acquisition offers, funding drying up, a failing relationship and employees depending on Raghav, will he be able to sustain in the startup world without giving up? “”The First Time”” follows the story of a young Startup Entrepreneur, who has put a lot on stake to build his venture. As the startup ecosystem stumbles and sustaining the startup becomes a challenge, will Raghav be able to ensure the survival of his company?

Here is a dark tell-all tale of an insider from the startup ecosystem, showing the challenges and hardships of an entrepreneur, beyond the glamour of million dollar fundings.

Is building a company worth sacrificing everything else in life?

Can an entrepreneur afford to have a love story?

Sustaining the company vs Ethics – What would Raghav choose?

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