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Mountains, Radio Waves and a Love Letter


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Shinji Yoshikawa

Latin oriented Japanese travel writer


As time went by and I was about to turn fifty, I could only take three or four days off at the most. I have learned to use this as an excuse to “buy time with money”. It sounds poetic, but it’s just a fixed way of thinking that makes you give up on the details and hassles which you may encounter. It stuck in my mind like a fatty piece of meat does to your belly and finally, I couldn’t get rid of it. But what do I do with the time I have saved? The answer is “nothing special”.

The author, Shinji Yoshikawa, has been a company employee for 25 years and realized with 50 knocking on the door, that he had never traveled alone since he became a family man, and lived and journeyed with his wife and daughters. But during the Christmas holiday in 2018, he got 4 consecutive days off from his hardworking time in a Mexican-Japanese company. A rare treat indeed. The destination he chose was “Evergreen Ranch” in Chiapas, Mexico, where travelers mainly from Europe and North America are competing for booking one of their only two rooms.

Do you need radio waves, schools, or sophisticated infrastructure to enjoy life? Did you ever imagine how horses would react to your words? What is your priority when you travel? These are some of the questions you encounter when you dive into the whole story. This travelogue depicts the entire experience of spending time at a guesthouse with a perfect TripAdvisor rating.

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