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Mantras: Lessons From Ramayana for the Modern-Day Manager


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How are some managers able to accomplish their task with ease and elan, while others fall behind?

Ramayana, renowned as one of the two great epics of our land, is widely considered a holy book as it depicts the life of Lord Rama. However, a careful reading of this work also brings out the greatness of Lord Rama as a leader, who rose above self-actualization and attained self-transcendence. This epic also tells us the stories of many others such as Bharata, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Jatayu, Sampati and various female characters including Sita, Mandodari, Taara etc. Each one of them has a message to convey, which is useful in tackling challenges and managing difficult situations in the modern world. In addition to conveying important lessons in management, Ramayana also carries a message regarding protection and conservation of the environment, which is of contemporary relevance.

The author has skillfully extracted life lessons from the Ramayana that are relevant even today and presented it in an engaging narrative. This book is a must read for individuals aspiring for personal happiness, professional success and environmental sustainability.


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